Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Abuse Screening

Instructions: The following questions concern information regarding your involvement with alcohol or potenzmittel rezeptfrei. Carefully read each announcement. Then decide if your response is YES or NO and examine the proper space. Please make sure to answer each query.

1. Alcohol or drug use caused me to use bad judgment and push right after because I felt”nice” to push, was not way to go, and I’d no other way home: ___ Yes ___ No

2. I believed I was fine to drive after drinking or using medication but I was not: ___ Yes ___ No


4. I could kill someone if I am driving diminished: ___ Yes ___ No

5. I finished a couple of alcohol or drug abuse treatment plans, yet I could not drink only 1 or two drinks each time ended up getting in trouble after ingesting or using medication: ___ Yes ___ No

6. I think that because I managed to Stop drinking or using for awhile (after ingesting or using caused me troubles ) and that I do not crave it, overlook it, or even Consider it, I don’t have a drinking or drug problem: ___ Yes ___ No

7. I consider drinking or using drugs every day: ___ Yes ___ No

8. I beverage use medication to maintain the buzz (good sense ): ___ Yes ___ No

9. I love to drink or use a lot of: ___ Yes ___ No



12. I enjoy the feeling alcohol or medication gives me when I am beneath its energy: ___ Yes ___ No

13. I know I should not drink and use medication but I do it anyway: ___ Yes ___ No

14. I can not forecast What’s Going to occur after I drink or use the initial medication: ___ Yes ___ No

15. It is Hard to do the Ideal thing while ingesting with medication: ___ Yes ___ No

16. My decision making procedure becomes absurd and my behaviour and personality changes once I drink and/or use medication. I argue a lot Once I drink and/or utilize medication: ___ Yes ___ No

17. I am not fair when I beverage use medication: ___ Yes ___ No

18. I’ve done and said things which I normally would not have achieved if sober: ___ Yes ___ No

19. I got horrible or goofy when I d

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