How to add accents in the bathroom?



Sometimes the scale does not allow the fantasy to roam. However, the art of design has long been known for clever tricks associated with optical illusion. Rendering techniques are the main focus of all renowned decor specialists. And their secrets are no longer a secret.

Quality bathroom furniture fittings: how not to be deceived.

Any bathroom product, as you know, must be moisture resistant and anti-corrosion. That is why bathroom furniture is offered to consumers separately from other furniture. But most ordinary people pay attention only to things of high importance, that is, to the quality of the material of the structure itself, while an important detail is overlooked – the fittings. A locking system for rooms with high humidity must have an anti-corrosion texture. Otherwise, the fittings will deteriorate, which is why the doors on the cabinets will not close, and when you try to close the sash, an unbearable grinding sound will be emitted. In addition, damaged hinges threaten with skewed doors, falling out of cabinets, and so on. Therefore, it is important to learn how to recognize a low-quality option from a high-quality model before buying furniture for a bathroom.

Furniture fittings

As already mentioned above, fittings mean, first of all, a locking system, that is, awnings, handles, locks, latches and other elements that allow the lockers to be pulled out and closed. But if we talk about bathroom accessories, then the range of fittings is much wider. This also includes various accessories and bath attributes:

  • hooks for towels;
  • container for storing liquid soap;
  • soap dish;
  • mounts and holders for various things, including toilet paper.

It should also be noted that towel racks are not furniture in the bathroom, but fittings. If we were talking about shelves or a pencil case for towels, bathrobes, then yes – this is furniture.

And here it is important to focus on the types of materials:

  • plastic is the cheapest and most popular option. This is not to say that plastic bathroom fittings are “bad” or “good”, since it all depends on the financial capabilities and tastes of the person. The plastic is perfectly adapted to the bathroom conditions. Of course, it cannot be called durable, since plastic tends to quickly lose its original qualities. In addition, it is quite problematic to wash the plastic surface, since dirt or traces of soap are very eaten, which requires some effort to remove stains;
  • chrome products are a universal option, which indicates the possibility of installation in the bathroom with any design solution. Recently, chrome-plated products have become very popular, since chrome-plated fittings match perfectly in color with taps and shower hoses. At cost, it is more expensive than plastic, but care is much easier and the aesthetic appearance is much better;
  • glass is the next most expensive material. Anyone who has washed and rubbed glasses at least once knows that eliminating bloopers from drops of water on glass is not an easy task. But glassware cannot be resisted. Glass is one of the few materials that normally react to moisture. Lovers of transparent bathroom accessories will never exchange glass for other options, but they should be ready for daily maintenance;
  • ceramics is an expensive and practical offer, easy to care for, luxurious in appearance.

There are also wooden options, but if you purchase wooden fittings, you should make sure that a protective coating is applied to it, otherwise the wood will swell.

As for the lock and hinges directly, the most optimal solution is Bloom fittings or fittings from German manufacturers.




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