Les Miserables Film Review

If you want a taste of drama, you need a battle. Two or more opposing forces try to obtain the benefit in any fantastic drama from Shakespeare to David Mulan. Yet dramas certainly don’t have to be theatrical. Elia Kazan made a giant imprint on the movie world, but later masters such as Scorsese and Kubrick were about the moving picture. To get a look at some of the best specimens from the genre, a satellite TV subscription would help. Here are 5 play gems playing in HD on satellite programs.

1. It turned out to be master Stanley Kubrick’s final film, and he didn’t disappoint. Tom Cruise and then-wife Nicole Kidman starred in this bedroom drama which has thriller components as well as horror tossed in along the way. In other words, it is the kind of movie only Kubrick could have made, which is one of the few performances where you will not find Cruise smirking for a long time. Fidelio becomes the word as the dark plot unravels, but it is the conflict between man and wife which frames the movie throughout.

2. The Insider. Michael Mann has made quite a name for himself along with his technically skillful and somewhat cold style of directing. The Insider is the kind of movie which benefits in a huge way from the design, as whistleblower Russell Crowe appears to undermine the dark agenda of Big U.S. Tobacco. Al Pacino co-stars in this film, which pits a significant guy who doesn’t want to see the spotlight against a story that needs to be told and a man who desperately wants to tell it. This pure play ought to be found in HD on premium networks.

3. The movie with the strange title constructed one of the best casts of contemporary times. It may suffer from a bit of staginess, but apart from that it is among the best dramas you will see. The players are real estate brokers or con men – however you want to check at it – and Jack Lemmon gets placed into a serious bind. Either he plays ball with the sharks or he sees his family fall apart. Lemmon got a well-deserved Oscar for his operation. Alec Baldwin and Ed Harris also shine in this film showing on IFC with satellite TV packs.

4. Essentially a struggle between modern society and the crazy, free individual being inside all of us, this picture is the Beat Generation philosophy in microcosm.

5. Casablanca. It made Humphrey Bogart a star; it managed the war very nicely; it pitted Nazis from the free world and love against honor. Was there ever a better drama?

Your satellite television subscription will provide drama in a big way. See all of the greats from film history with directv.

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