Let’s Take a Sports Vacation to Disney World

By Netease’s perspective, such all-round collaboration will not only enhance their sport section contents, but also produce a more humanized and interactive on line setting, attracting more audience and improving sports brand Domino99.

Research justifications

Recent study reports have demonstrated the reason sports companies are willing to invest large sums to internet marketing: the dramatic growth of net users in China has given them adequate confidence in the online channel.

According to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as at June 2007, the entire number of Internet users in China reached 162 million, next only to the United States 211 million. In comparison to end of 2006, new internet population has reached 25 million. Demographic mixture of Chinese internet population is current skewed towards young people, with 51.2% below 25 years old and 70.6% below 30 years of age. Such a youthful, daring and large group of internet users is a natural target for sports products, regardless of sports sections on internet portals are the hotly contested spots for sport brands companies.

Online advertising has become a focus for consolidating marketing resources among sports businesses, and it is anticipated online market investments will further rise in 2007. Growth in online sports products advertising fees has maintained a higher speed since 2002, with an yearly growth rate of 101%, along with the advertising fees in 2006 had reached nearly US $10 million, 14 times the sum in 2002.

IResearch suggested that the fast rising of sports products online marketing fees indicated more and more sports products companies are paying attention to this new and alternative station. Online advertising fees in corporate pictures, sports footwear and sports clothing kept climbing in 2006, particularly led by corporate picture promotions. While spending on sports apparel and sports clothes experienced a decline in the beginning of 2007, spending on corporate image promotion continues to grow quickly.

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