There are a variety of games to choose from an online casino. These games are easy to learn and it’s easy to win. Though these games are just basic, it still depends on the player. This leads to the question, “Which online casino game is the easiest to play and win?” Let us talk about different online casino games where players can win easily.


Slots are easy to play. Just pick the amount you wish to bet and spin. But, there is an alternative way in playing slots. Find an online casino that provides slots with high RTP (return-to-player). It means that the percentage will be the amount of money that they will offer back to the player. This does not happen most of the time, as it is based on the overall spins of the slot itself.


The good thing with this game is it does not demand much. This game is being played on a live table in some online sites. All you need is to place your wager and the dealer will spin the Roulette and throw the ball. If it lands somewhere equal to your bet, you can earn a good amount of cash.

There is a popular tactic that you can use for this game, but this might get you banned from casinos. Say, you want to bet 5$ on red. If it lands on red, you get to have the winnings. But once it lands on black, then keep betting, but double the amount of your bet. If you place $10 on black but it lands on red, bet $20 and try again. Now, if you win $40, then good for you. You have placed $10 +​ $20 = $30 with an excess of $10. Be sure to play at a live table if you want the​ tactic to work, then proceed to online casinos. Playing there has less chance of getting caught.


This game is based on statistics. Card Counting is one of the most used strategies here, yet it is kind of impossible to learn. But, there is a tactic that can be used but chances are, you might get caught using this.

If you have 17 or below and the dealer shows 7 or higher, just remember that card counting can apply values. Let us say that 2-6 cards have +1 value, 7-9 cards have 0, and 10-A cards have -1. Do the math once you have seen a card and if the count is more than +10, hit the card because the chances of a face card being shown is big. Casinos use 4-6 decks and cards change after every number of hands.


This is one of the most popular games ever. The most famous variation of this is Texas Hold’em Poker. Learning and Playing Poker is easy, but mastering it is hard. Of course, this game also has a tactic that you can use.

If you are given two cards, call in or raise only if you have a powerful pair of cards. The cards can be a one-pair (AA, 10s, etc.) If you have two consecutive numbers (10J, etc.), there is a high chance of having a Straight. And if you have high value cards (A♠ – K♠ ), then you will possibly get a Flush.

You can call in if you have cards like AK, JQ and more, and you can also go through the first round where three out of five face-up cards are given to you here. This tactic is also proven to be effective too.

Being good in a game is just an experience. You can use tactics even if you are not that professional yet in a game. It’s about making your own strategy and mastering it. Basically, all you need to do is just enjoy the game.


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